Never the End

Never the End – Samantha Goodlet – 2017

An exciting Arts Council funded project at the Stephenson Railway Museum

A six-month residency developing and exploring my art practice in a non-traditional space responding to the industrial landscape of my ancestor George Stephenson. Drawing inspiration from journeys, exploring the subject matter of conception, gestation, time, memory and loss.

A transient journey of childhood memories, a playful obstacle course reconnecting with the industrial landscape.  9 sculptures installed upon the tracks visually animating the landscape by light, fire, dance and sound.

In Collaborating with:

  • Penella Bee of GLOW Immersive Light Shows
  • Composer Steve Luck
  • Mick Stephenson Light Artist
  • Glass artist Effie Burns
  • Fabricator Benjamin Atkinson
  • Fabricator John Corby
  • Many thanks to Robin Gibson, Susan MacKellar and all the technical team.

The journey that never ends – “The train is a small world moving through a larger world.” – Elisha Cooper

Noun: gestation

The process or period of developing inside the womb between conception and birth.  We birth creations, babies, relationships, abundance, works of art, pleasure, and ourselves. All through the power of our womb.

Public Sculpture depicting roots, reference to the old colliery wagon ways.

Drawings, the dot is the simplest element of drawing.

  • A book – copper book
  • Shall I sit here – metal, 9 chairs, 9 dummies
  • Coming home – metal skipping ropes, 9 clocks
  • My world – ball, dummies, teats, safety pins
  • When you coming home? – dads suitcase, potty, bottle, shells from red sea, plastic beach ball, connection lead, gold leaf
  • Grandfather clock – metal sculpture, glass shoes and mirrors
  • When will you phone? – metal chair, glass shoes, glass keys wood and telephone
  • Shelter me – 9 clear plastic umbrellas.
  • Push me higher – metal swing, turf, glass shoes and typewriter







Sculptures along the Railway Tracks.

Developing and exploring my art practice in a non-traditional space responding to the industrial landscape. Drawing inspiration from the railway tracks, journeys, exploring the subject matter of gestation, time, memory and loss. Through action research I have developed a number of conceptual, ambiguous sculptures that were situated along the railway tracks, representing points of gestation, growth and the abstraction of time. Forging a relationship between the space and the viewer. This become predominately apparent by the way in which we use the space to display work.

Looking at the environment in a different way, creating a process of playfulness, memories of childhood, love and loss. Attempting to unite fragmented parts of the self through self-expression. The overlap of memories, offering silence and calmness in an open space. Collaborating with other artists, curating a visual narrative of a sound (responding to the industrial landscape), sculptures, animation projection and dance with fire and light. Creating a transient journey of conception from beginning to end.

Sculpture with mirrors. Public sculpture – a reference to industrial landscape, maps, routes/navigation points. A juxtaposition of both familiar and ambiguous shapes.

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