Beyond All Distance


“I wanted to take the viewer on a journey. I wanted them to insert their own narrative into the work. With the shadows of the tights and the changing patterns of colour I wanted to capture memories of innocence for both young and old.”

Footsteps was a labyrinth of 200 pairs of tights and shoes at Tynemouth station in 2003.


Bubbles / Mirrors on Tracks


Bridging the Gap

Sam performed One More Step together with dancer Dora Frankel as part of the Durham Brass Festival. Their performance took place at the Apollo Pavilion in Peterlee, County Durham on July 10 2011, at 6.30pm and 9.30pm.

Sam said: “It’s a combination of performance dance, music and art installation”.

Sam was interviewed by the Journal

The celebration featured the premier of One Small Step (first performance) and One Small Step (second performance), which together form a contemporary dance piece choreographed by Dora Frankel with design by the artist Sam Goodlet and music specially composed and recorded by Peter Coyte. The performances will take place in and around the Pavilion – a response to its concrete beauty, the surrounding green, the estate and the community.




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